BADBLOOD stands for people who seek trendy and joyful lifestyles.

We don’t distinguish from ages, disposition and backgrounds,

and pursue free lifestyles.

BADBLOOD changes and is introduced with your own style,

and manufactures for all people with specific demands.

Badblood is classified into advanced basix, advanced classic and essential lines.


Essential line presents classic items, and is faithful to basics

with minimizing decorative details, adding the sensibility of Badblood.


Advanced classic line presents the reinterpreted designs of Badblood

with modern sense and functional performance based on orthodox

design and patterns.


The items of advanced basix line are supposed to be the favorite ones in your wardrobe.

Obviously they are basic but new advanced items that sensibility and

individuality of BADBLOOD are added.

BADBLOOD has the highest goal in common to make reasonable and

wearable items across all lines.

BADBLOOD makes very useful items in your wardrobe.

All fabrics used by BADBLOOD are based on expertise of FABRIXQUARE.

BADBLOOD has direct control over the whole supply chain from

choosing the yarn to weaving, knitting, dyeing and post-processing.

BADBLOOD aims at reasonable price but does not use sub-standards.

Fabrixquare develops new kinds of fabrics and various textures, and the

fabrics are upgraded continuously.

BADBLOOD products are manufactured by sewers and pattern cutters through a partnership,

and are completed through their know-how and skills earned over 30 years of experience.